me + JR. side by side
a little sideways
total balls a bit
whatever that means
a nyc big muff distortion pedal from above
smashed down
the song is now go
circle banging w a guitar
caption screen:
I am going back on the stage
then a bit of mouth + tounge jibber into a mic
roadie takes guitar
i stage dive into a pit
moshing w the punks
a scream captured from the pit
audience gone
climbs back on stage
roadie hands me the guitar
a guitar flying into my head + speaker cabinet
a butcher knife was stuck in the top of the head
flies away
JR. smashes floor tom close up
JR. + i drinking tea in shangri la w women fanning us.
JR. rings a petite bell
+ a suicide grrl brings him something wrapped in cloth
it is opened to reveal a black leather rose
shaved head suicide grrl dances
until the video is done,
she just goes all punk on her own, ok thats cool...