death rock smile (w lil john intro:)

heaven wants my reservations
at the next (static) destinations
w this new mind i keep finding
everywhere the sun keeps rising

i think i smell desperation
from every garage + basement
detonating every wave sent
b4 feet keep touching pavement

now ill never flip no burgers
sitcom 9 to 5 is murder
punk rock could get me so high
bored + old just b4 i die

i got a death rock smile
+ it makes me weak
i got a death rock smile
+ it sets me free

i got a death rock smile

i think ill go out of my mind
i done this line a million times b4

death or gloria

that alley in my bag

dont say im wide awake
dont say my hearts lost control
please take me on a date
ill never let them know

im going crazy
a million miles away
im going crazy
who put that alley in my bag, yeah

i said the alibi
ya know ya know
i said i found it
ya know ya know
id rather flush it
enjoy enjoy enjoy
enjoy enjoy enjoy

these are my last words "
before i have to go "
i dont feel down inside for some reason
my eyes shine so bright, so bright tonite

rachel aldana

there are no words to this song
i suggest you turn this off
+ now that no one is here
yr name my dear i love you i do
+ in death i will follow
16 shotguns w a pull cable
televised on tvs
+ if you leave im coming for you
im coming for you truly

high upon a mountain top
i suck i suck i suck
but when im w you
i try to suck the least

i follow thee

pookie fizzle

pookie fizzle yr the one
i play naked robbers w
you always put
a condom on my penis, yeah

pookie fizzle yr my slut
+ you shit it out like one
when we assfuck

pookie fizzle im yr punk
i got a verified vd test
+ a ring pop
ring pop

shes as hot as a pistol
held to my head
while i ejaculate
in her stomach
w crystal meth
shot in my penis
behind a kid



i used to play this on a balcony in seattle

empty space

constantly feeling
the most fullfilling
part of my day
for now
life is good
but when you run out on me
i fade away

stick figure flower

exodus to amsterdam

bullets over bsides

punk is dead + so are you
i cant believe the filthy femo
im so in to capital
i decide to bank it off you

were falling apart for a dime
maybe i could carry on ye
salem sold out last years souls
fell in love at tom's rhinoplasty

in no way am i on a hit


you + whose armys gonna stop me from lovin you
its this close to killin me i dont know just what to do

so you got this guy + i hope that yr happy
i get that way when i dont know what is happening

(that one shirt by that poor band)
you tried to say im better off w/o you
take off yr shirt because i never forgot you

tell me grl what am i supposed to do
when everytime i try to sing at nite it ends about you
what am i supposed to do?

outro: true love i beg for you

leaving a corpse in california

there aint no place like america
to try + stay high on some oh yeah baby uh huh

are you on the verge to feel this?
planning on a california visit
on a weekday trippin straight
keep the bowl low rock n' roll lets go

to live + die in la
where i heard the dope is from
i aint never come down
on the guest list vip extasy

ill have a coke ill have to
pale face down gaunt lauriant boots (sp?)
absinthe absinthe she had the scripture on the strip
the road to heaven paved w doses + scripts

come on start a party that never ends
lets get lost + never be found again
+ leave a corpse in california

cat people

im a monkey space cadet chainsmoking cigarettes
im lactating beer but i dont know the side effects
is my hair now growning or my skin now receeding
my jaw hanging loose... when im rabid + feeding

diseases of bodies, bodies of diseases
razors + hammers rid my skull of the demons
on an elevator sniffing the buttons
one lady chimp or two (bzzz)

im a cat person


(twinkle, twinkle little star + the abc song w powerchords)

no generation

people cant bring us down
we get high as fuck up in this bitch
speaking to the acid... nation
talking bout mu mu mu my g g g gen gener genera tion

no generation

cars in hearts

so lost on the strip
smoke two cigarettes
barely hold on so i can feel
in the sunset
of los angeles
let me go + hold the wheel

fame fade out
we can do this
p can i sit + watch the sun drink the ocean?
some party
storied ending
yeah like no one else is coming w me

im just waking up + the sun is going down
james dean obligitory im gonna climb out
drinking down a fifth to beatles abbey road
yeah yeah yeah rock star faded jaded climb out

waking up sun coming up
james dean obligitory im gonna (XXXX) up

so lost on the strip
smoke two cigarettes
barely hold on so i can feel