due to the phenomenon of the third eye + its extra terrestrial implication, some have professed telepathy to be very real, as records do not profess same + such. no one knows how this phenomenon came to be, as it remains yet to be traced along the pathway of its own demi matrix- Helix Orient Structure (H.O.S.) People, moreover, sentient beings, perhaps of a seeming sentient destiny + collective fate infinite, all around you, exist within various organic + complexed levels of a third eye communication pathway, implying extra sensory perception. some may have also proffessed to non report desiginate status points. this is charted by scientific meter of thrigmatic theorum + algorythm, as to complex + simple. further support to this is the define of edism, that a concept of a god may not be proven. if you find yrself one day newly accustomizing to new awareness around yr entity being or waveform, no mention of this. you may be removed. you may deemed obsolete. you may be already dead...

diy im dead whiskey coke + a pistol sunsets nothing but betrayal afterworld friday night fights between the women in the keggerlight to no future + a man to be despised + in a fair life i got a chance but now i need the nirvana medicine + frankly kate my head couldnt take it + when im cremated all this certain pain suffering + anguish goes to the governments + frankly they wouldnt have it any other way like the elitist avitars of yr scene + i want in so bad its obscene + somebody kill me + do it for the favor. no no, better yet. look at me do this to myself.

these are the knives grandfather needs to rid his skull of invisible japanese soldiers yes or no.
i choose not to say.
who would want to resign a man to this fate.
the responsibility of the given say.
someone w the mind that walks away came from very many.
someone w the mind who came from very man has the mind that walks away.
i must get away. someplace safe. a secret place. away from the citizens.
the voyeur is his own dark comedian in his silent carnival.
as the world is filled w sounds you cannot hear. airport terminal.
+ after years of waiting. something came. as yr life flashed before yr eyes,
you realize you are now looking in the right place.
its almost as if the paper you see isnt, for its old news that never made the paper
see you later, yr almost near it.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
somewhere theres a man being patient in a schizophrenic hospital
as sun rising thru a gilded windowpaine changes the tides of an entire civilizations.
again. when you get sad. trees die in japan.
fingers over nuclear red buttons get depressed
+ entire cities are devastated as well.
you may wait as long as yr life takes
to see an ambulance hitting a hearse being driven
by a mentally handicapped lighting off fireworks.
in some 3rd world countries my stool is regaurded as a delicassy.
in the more destitute ones, its regauded as currency.
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