whats going on girlfriend? are you gonna throw down + go? i will straight pick you up in my spraypainted limo mack suprem on 4 donuts. aint that shit hot? pete daugherty is a bitch sissy compared to me. IM GONNA DIE PARIS. CAN I BE YR BEAUTIFUL CORPSE ACCESSORY? please? pretty please? i would karate kid a turd out of travis fishers hand again into the ceiling fan like rain + stuff to go on a date w you boo. + drinkin my very own energy drink Rocket Fuel. THE MOST POWERFUL CONNCOCTION ON THE MARKET. youve got to plug yr nose + hella chug to take this shit down its that powerful. trying to trade in yr tye dye for some food at a grateful dead concert w pupils where yr eyes used to be. Rocket Fuel will straight fuck you down. maybe you could sample some of my fragrence. A Dirty Sock + The Smell of Womens Feet. thats actually good tho. + how could you forget my brand of pure tobacco cigarettes, no additives + that crazy train shit, im talkin primo SMOKE. Walrus Feet? yea. i dont even know what that shit is but ill sell it. my whiskey is Pussy Eating Rock. soon ill be selling a plate w feet thats a remote to a retractable dome. cant ya just see it girl? does it smell fun? did somebody just flirt? much love, ben tom