i do drugs. alot of them. but hey, im a satirical rock star. punk art fucking star.
every rock star does drugs, has lots of depraved sex, + dies. im one of them, + i am enlightened. it is my calling to put a missle of c up my nose in rolling stone. yep drugs.
+ if you evalutate the word satire, its like saturday night live.
you could say i play the character. + if i wasnt a satirical rock star, no one would be able to tell,...
because im on drugs? NO! because im on drugs.
cocaine crystal meth + LSD. YAY! sunshine lemon rush!
did He just name his own fix?! NO! he did!
will i ever say its all a joke?! NO! its a perhaps seeming satire. am i farce? NO! im on drugs.
have i ever shot crystal meth in my penis? NO! not yet, + that makes me a big cock virgin.
dont fret, i have masturbated 2 to 3 times a day w/o lube since i was 15 + now im 24. 6 inches of the mother + daughter fucker is still goin strong.
the scary thing is... well i cant say, it would be not responsible, oh fuck it alludes.
shoot it in my balls baby, no baby theyll explode.
yr a good woman.
all right, know this... crystal meth goes under the tounge or is swallowed in a pill.
it purifies the snack drugs.
wait, is He going to go to jail from having his estate raided?! NO! he's a satirical rock star!!
... snack drugs are as follows,
absinthe, mescaline, DXM, mushrooms, cocaine, LSD, peyote, viagra
(its a headache because the sex never ever ends... + lube up for God's sake? YES! YES! YES!)
OK, ketamine,
valium + ativan are only for stimulant anxiety, + anything else... will fuck you up unless you dont have a real job. perhaps like a satirical rock star thats a social security Respiant.
the vandal poets
albini session