dear record label people,
oven, or live audio suicide
elliot smith is a dog pussy
i like lo fi
i like studios too
indie punk is cool
so are you
i hope you think im cool
i feel happy
i hope you feel happy
pete daugherty is a bitch sissy
i think amy winehouse is cool
its sunny
i like sunshine + big sunglasses
i hope i can sing for you someday
i will try + sing very pretty
do you have any women that watch golf?
i like golf a little
i think its very peaceful
i think miniature gold should be on the tv
they could make extravagent courses
i also want to invent blueberry + cherry jelly
who would not want to eat blue + red jelly?
also a martini glass lava lamp end table
a plate w feet too
i like my songs
they are fun to sing
oh i also have social security money each month
please meet ben goble (guitar + vocals)
+ lyle mann (drums)
we could afford an apartment in yr area
as deprivation is such a despairing desire
im a lifer tho
the vandal poets will make a house party go
until were fertilizer in a box or ashes
you people owe me nothing
we have everything needed to be be a band
of loud w our own PA + home recording equipment
i feel like 13 years of making punk music at the age of 23
i feel like i saw nirvanas first snl appearacnce live on tv
+ i said "dad, what is this?"
+ he said "son, that was punk rock."
amongst you