FX, Shirts, + Guitars

names: big box, the nexus dual delay, the twin IDentity doubler, bass box, no data, the digital soak, dr.stock, the astral plain

most all w 3 f-switches + LED's

big box, commodular flange shifter
flanger, flange, phase shifter

the nexus dual delay
delay the delay that delays the delay. delay.

the twin IDentity doubler
one fuzz, one clean w comp. sustain. both at same time.

bass box, bass multi fx
bass balls, distortion, bass microsynthesizer

no data
micro synthesizer, ring mod, phase auto wah

digital soak
5 reverbs modeled after a famous effect, stereo chorus, chorus + vibrato combined

dr. stock, multi fx
standards, totally useable if nothing else:
phase shifter, chorus, delay

the astral plain, textural connector unit
i don't know but it should include something of a lo-fi unit w/ two others, im out of ideas.

here's the shirts ive been sending out, if you could think of anybody... thanx

use wherever appropriate:

the amish breeds madness... buggy w horse
punk is good.
one day we will rise + fill the streets w the blood of the innocent... inside a tv.
the safety word is there is no safety word otherwise i would be safe... handcuffs
yes i disagree because no i agree just to be safe on these things SLAVE SHE... pop art riding crop
pussy eating rock (calligraphy) sewn on one too
female empowerment thru embondage since last nite
pussy eating rock I W F Y A + S O Y F
ROMAN (foto of a combat boot crushing a skull)
look at the bruises i let him leave on me... back: what goes w/ that?
character turned to bones from a bazooka blast from the sega genesis game general chaos, so pop art perfect.
death rock (formerly worn by butthead)
sex machine victim (w/ a sex machine schematic)
a stick figure flower of a daisy alone centred
van gogh's hospital sketch after severing his right ear
FAK (written big)
sucking cock is good for two things, me + my purse
sucking cock is good for two things, me + my wallet
blow intnl. finals unlmtd.
tapioca pudding image covering entire shirt
i poop my panties
smells on cue
rocket scientist
american berret (foto of white brief underpants)
No Ma'am (from Married w/ Children)
poop is good (foto of a toilet)
don't think at me skitz (foto of a stick figure square headed antenae producing signal robot)
the black man is God
like any good neighbor your God is there
i believe in order w/o control or premise of (anarchy symbol)
remember im black in the pants
suck my cock. it's big.
insult the French. wear a hairlip.
please kill me (foto of a Heart)

fender strat, crimson, 3 full sized humbuckers
4/5 squier supersonic, glow in the dark
4/5 fender jazzmaster, pastel lime, translucent lavender picgaurd, magenta square spiral filament upon
squier beverly, 335 looking model w baby blue/ red pickgaurd, or seal grey/ oleander pickguard

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